What is AANI?

AANI, which stands for Advanced Artificial Negotiation Intelligence, is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to either assist or represent users in their negotiations. Focused on value creation, it replicates master negotiators. AANI provides expert methodology as well as best practice and process aligned to your organisation’s ways of working. AANI is designed to maximise the total value of your negotiations, meaning more value for you and your business partners. Over time, AANI will build a deep knowledge base around your business, your industry and your business partners helping to identify new value opportunities.


  • Expert embedded tools and process (aligned to your organisation)
  • Pareto offer optimiser (joint value creation)
  • Strategy optimiser (make sure you are on the best path) 
  • Knowledge base (continue to build your corporate memory) 
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Who is it for?

AANI is designed for team members involved in business-to-business transactions, whether they are on the buying or selling side. It’s tailored for those who aim to build value and maximise relationships. With a focus on auditability, AANI offers a tool that enhances strategic planning and provides expert-driven insights. It’s perfect for those who desire to work smarter, not harder, using AI for optimal negotiation outcomes scenario planning and helping with internal alignment. Additionally, AANI is adept at joining the dots, offering insights across the entire organisation for a comprehensive understanding of business operations.

AANI is designed to raise the bar of commercial teams and their negotiation intelligence:

Enhances negotiation intelligence

Ensures organisational best practice

Streamlines transactional deals

Simplify bespoke partner agreements

Facilitates B2B transactions

Build valuable relationships

Offers auditable insights

Optimises negotiations with AI

Connects organisational insights

Improve corporate memory

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Core Applications


In Co-pilot mode, AANI acts as your team’s expert AI consultant, significantly accelerating the planning process. It ensures adherence to best practices and company protocols while incorporating real-time organisational insights for smarter decision-making.


Speeds up planning:

  • Reduces planning time.
  • Enhances efficiency.

Applies best practice:

  • Ensures quality standards.
  • Promotes consistency.

Follows company processes:

  • Aligns with internal protocols.
  • Streamlines workflow.

Leverages real-time organisational insights:

  • Utilises current data.
  • Informs strategic decisions.

Auto Pilot

In Auto-pilot mode, AANI autonomously negotiates on your behalf, aiming for Pareto optimisation (additional value for both sides). 

This approach seeks to maximise benefits for both your business and its partners, enhancing relationships and outcomes.


Autonomous negotiations:

  • Conducts independent dealings.
  • Reduces manual intervention.
  • Conduct unlimited simultaneous negotiations from your dashboard.

Aims for Pareto optimisation:

  • Seeks mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Balances interests.

Enhances mutual value:

  • Increases deal attractiveness.
  • Reduces deal time and boosts partner satisfaction.

Optimises partner relations:

  • Strengthens business relationships.
  • Fosters long-term collaboration.
  • Optimises based on your business partners individual needs. 
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How does it work?

AANI revolutionises business negotiations with AI-driven insights, analysing extensive data from historical transactions to market trends. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to identify patterns and forecast outcomes. AANI’s primary aim is Pareto optimisation, ensuring mutually beneficial results in negotiations. This strategy enhances deal equity and cements long-term partnerships. Adapting in real-time to shifting scenarios, AANI’s strategies remain relevant and effective. Operating within ethical and compliance frameworks, AANI is an invaluable tool for organisations looking to boost their negotiation capabilities and achieve outstanding business outcomes.

  • Seamless Management for Large-Scale Negotiations: With AANI, effortlessly handle thousands of negotiations simultaneously, ensuring each aligns with company benchmarks.
  • Comprehensive Data Recording: Every crucial piece of negotiation data is meticulously captured and stored by AANI, making future referencing and analysis a breeze.
  • Ready-to-Deploy Expertise: Stay ahead with immediate access to expert insights and an expansive repository of case studies, arming you with best-in-class negotiation strategies for any scenario.
  • Multivariate Outcome Optimization: AANI masterfully balances all negotiation variables, ensuring holistic outcomes that maximise value creation at every turn.
  • Comprehensive Deal Review: Never miss out on critical terms; AANI ensures that even the minutiae, from payment days to discounts, are optimised to your advantage.
  • Automated Excellence: Let AANI take the wheel, ensuring you secure the most favourable terms and prices, freeing you from manual intricacies.
  • Revive Dormant Contracts: Breathe new life into your contracts. AANI ensures that every deal, old or new, is optimised to current standards, safeguarding your interests.
  • Integration:For an added edge connect AANI to your internal systems and pull required information into one place for faster decision-making.
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see how others use it (Solutions)

Retail: Empower retail companies in managing and securing favourable terms with suppliers.

  • Auto-pilot mode: High Volume negotiations – Retail companies can use AANI to automate their high volume, transactional deals to free up your teams to focus on the more strategic activities.
  • Supplier Management: Medium / Large organisations can increase the value for their smaller suppliers who don’t get as much face time as they would like, AANI can interact with them, understand their priorities and unique value proposition then negotiate a bespoke deal with them without them lifting a finger. 
  • Facilities Management: Receive bids on jobs,  align to work orders, check rates, issue instructions and ensure all necessary documentation is processed.

Real Estate: Assist agencies and individuals in property deals and lease negotiations.

  • Property Deal Analysis: AANI aids real estate agencies and individuals in analysing and negotiating property deals, ensuring optimal terms in purchases, sales, and leases.
  • Contract Optimisation: The tool can review and suggest improvements in real estate contracts, focusing on clauses that maximise benefits and reduce risks.

Healthcare: Aid hospitals and clinics in supplier negotiations for medical equipment and services.

  • Supplier Negotiation for Medical Equipment: Hospitals and clinics can use AANI to negotiate with medical equipment suppliers, securing favourable terms and prices.
  • Service Contract Management: AANI can assist in managing and optimising service contracts with various healthcare service providers.
  • Regulatory Compliance Insights: The tool can provide insights into regulatory compliance, ensuring that negotiations and contracts align with healthcare standards.
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Procurement: Manage your tail spend with Auto-pilot and optimise your strategic suppliers with Co-pilot.

  • Tail Spend Management: AANI’s Auto-pilot feature can manage tail spend, optimising costs and supplier relationships in less prominent spending categories.
  • Strategic Supplier Optimisation: The Co-pilot feature helps in optimising strategic supplier relationships, ensuring maximum value from key suppliers.
  • Contract Lifecycle Management: AANI facilitates the entire lifecycle of procurement contracts, from initiation and negotiation to renewal and termination.
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