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At Uncapt we are dedicated to bringing together expertise and innovation.

We believe in revolutionising the way we approach challenges. In an era where speed and accuracy dictate success, we’ve positioned ourselves at the nexus of human expertise and advanced AI technology. We are now at the point in time where every decision and outcome can be supported by the best humans in the world and the speed of Artificial Intelligence, we are here to make that happen.

Our strategy is simple, yet profound.

Combine the seasoned wisdom of industry leaders with the analytical might of cutting-edge AI.

The result?

A dynamic blend that ensures optimal Pareto outcomes, setting a new gold standard for efficiency and excellence. With Uncapt, we’re not just staying ahead of the curve; we’re defining it. Dive in with us, and experience the future of innovation today.

AANI. Expert Negotiation. Solved.

AANI is your unfair advantage in Negotiation. Whether you are trying to prepare for a complex deal or finalising terms across a high volume of repeat contracts, AANI offers expert insights and representation – ensuring you achieve optimum outcomes every time.

Optimise Agreements: AANI uses the concept of pareto optimisation to work out the mathematical best outcome between both buyer and seller – It will maximise the pie so there is more to go around.

Informed Strategies: Access well-founded negotiation advice, rooted in expert reasoning and a comprehensive database of case studies which grows with your business. Do 3 hours’ worth of preparation in under 15 minutes.

Customise: Each customer can add their own layer to the model to suit its unique culture, ways of working and tone of voice. Ensure a consistent approach across teams and geographies as you build a better understanding of how you negotiate as an organisation.

Representation You Can Trust: Enable Auto-Pilot and deep dive with the business partners you wouldn’t normally have the resource to fully understand. AANI will uncover their unique set of needs and tailor a solution just for them in a fraction of the time it would take for a human to do it.

Sale, Renewal & Retention Automation: Lean on AANI’s comprehensive sales assistance, ensuring every deal is optimal and aligned with your revenue goals.

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How it Works


AANI & AARI are ready to go out of the box. Like having an expert guide on your shoulder, they offer best practice insights, access to playbooks, case studies, templates and dynamic workspaces from the Day One. Going further, we integrate with your systems – pulling in data to form and support our guidance on the fly.


AANI & AARI help with customer facing activities. From initial conversations, to optimising renewals and more. AANI learns how your organisation does business and seeks opportunities to optimise for both parties at every step.


We’ve built sophisticated platforms for learning the reasoning of the worlds best. We deploy them to learn from the best in your organisation, building knowledge banks from the ground up.
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How is Our AI Different?

Audited: Uncapt’s AI solutions are open and honest about how they operate. This transparency establishes trust, as users are not left guessing about the AI’s processes or motivations.
Expert: The AI doesn’t just perform tasks; it reasons through them in a manner that’s logical, understandable, and relatable.
Personalised: Providing data insights and recommendations based on your information, delivering a truly bespoke solution.
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uncapt in Retail

From Co-piloting your Range Reviews to Automating Renewals or CPI submissions, AANI improves efficiencies and outcomes in each negotiation for both parties.

uncapt in B2B Tech

AARI works to increase revenue while reducing your costs. Co-piloting your sales, marketing and CSM teams or Auto-piloting lead conversion, renewals and retention.

uncapt in Academia

Academia holds some of the world’s best minds. We help scale their reasoning and knowledge to the people they can most impact.

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Safe & Secure

Joining hands with Uncapt means partnering with a future-forward AI organisation that prioritises compliance, ethical innovation, and utmost responsibility. We deeply understand the nuances and responsibilities that come with advancing AI. In our journey, we’ve ensured that every step taken is both groundbreaking and grounded in compliance and ethics.

  • Ethical Considerations at Forefront
  • Positioned for Positive Competition
  • Mindful Global Expansion
  • User Trust and Transparency

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